What mothers wrote about our program 

Hi Loek and Ard,

I experienced the Friday night as very positive. But I went back in time causing all kinds of emotions coming loose. Especially the time of releasing the ritual with the umbilical cord was tough. It helped me a lot. And I also feel that I can go make a “fresh start” as a mother.

And yes, my son is a good man. He has his heart in the right place. I am also a proud mother. I am convinced that he has made beautiful steps. This he needed.
Thank you.

Regards A.

“It was for me as a mother a beautiful and valuable experience to contribute to the Making of Man weekend. The preparation and supervision of the mothers and sons prior to the detachment ritual was warm and careful. This made the ritual for me and my son a valuable and sensitive time. It has touched both our hearts, and that’s when the way is open to transformation ” That is the power of Koningshart and this wonderful weekend “Making of Man. ”


“My son has felt, seen and heard what men have to offer each other. I felt, seen and heard as a mother how important the weekend was for him. I cannot give him this kind of energy and communication! He needs the men-way to grow as a man in his role. Loek, Ard, Jesse, Hans and the other men who took part; good job!”


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