Education ‘men for boys’

Men for boys is an exciting training for six nights and one day in which every man is guaranteed to get to know himself better. With that knowledge you grow as a man, partner and colleague. The program highlights all from a forgotten perspective of what boys truly need to become a man. Because of this, participants are better able to provide support to boys at work or in family.


Recommended for: fathers, stepfathers and professionals who work with boys: teachers, social workers, sports trainers and coaches etc.

This training is very suitable to reinforce the significance of your role in the life of your son / a boy. The knowledge, experience and skills you get handed will give you the opportunity to understand him better and to see what he needs from you. You will get the tools to guide him on his path.

The next group will start on March 06, 2017

The aim of the course is to guide you to make you more capable to guide boys in their transition from boy to young man. It strengthens you in your role as a father, godfather, grandfather, professional, mentor etc.

The program consists of 6 blocks with an optional closing day for integration. Each block consists of an evening meeting and home assignments to deepen specific components. The program consists of a mix of 65% experiential exercises and 35% theoretical knowledge.


  • difference between boys and men psychology
  • the different male archetypes
  • knowledge of specific characteristics from boys
  • coachingskills
  • understanding the essence of a Rites of Passage Program
  • journey of the hero

For those who like it, at the end of the training, there’s an opportunity to become a mentor to a boy where support is desired or necessary. The people who join the network of mentors receive guidance, peer review and widening from the independently operating group. As a mentor you guide boys to a Rites of Passage and you’e responsible for the after-mentoring.


The next group will start on Monday, March 06, 2017

Dates: march 06 , march 20, april 03, tuesday april 18 (regarding Easter monday), May 01 en May 15 and an optional integration day on saturday Mai 20th 2017

Address: Duivendaal 8, 6701 AR Wageningen.

Investment: The basic training of 6 nights require an investment of € 450, – (also to be invoiced as personal development course).

Optional integration day in which you undergo a Rites of Passage takes a whole day. We ask a contribution of € 200, – on top of the basic amount. The date of the optional integration day is fixed on Saturday, May 20th, 2017.

What our participanten wrote about the training

“Through the inspired guidance and considered choice of the exercises I felt safe, so I could open up and undergo my own experiences and processes. I’ve grown extremely in my mentoring. ” T.

“I have experienced the training as enriching and healing. I found myself in places I always kept away and because of this I have come to stand in my power. The trainers were knowledgeable, powerful, empathetic and loving. Hats off! “A.

“This training was an extremely positive contribution to the way to my inner growth.” H.

“The program ‘Men for Boys” was especially to the point and intensive. The training included, among other things, moments of self-reflection on themes and archetypes from which I have learned a lot. As a father and mentor, I have experienced the added value and I got handed competencies that I can do something with. “J.

“In everything I have experienced and learned in this training, I have felt the love, the care, skill, experience, bedding etc. a mentor child could desire. Thanks Ard, Loek and other mentors! A void has found bed, a great gift! “E.


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